Spare Parts and Consumables For AU640
USLab Solution provides spare parts and consumables for AU640 and all other Olympus Beckman AU series chemistry analyzers at discounted prices. Photometer lamps, reagents, sample probe, wash solution and sevral other consumables and spare parts are available.

Olympus Beckman Coulter AU640 Chemistry Analyzer is designed for the high performing environments of mid-sized to large hospitals/laboratories.

Please contact us if your spare part is not listed below!

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refurbished olympus AU640 clinical chemistry analyzer

Refurbished Olympus AU640 Chemistry Analyzer

Refurbished Olympus AU640

Fully refurbished Olympus AU640 Chemistry Analyzer with our 6 months warranty and full support. Service contract at discounted prices is available. AU640 is ideal for mid-sized toxicology laboratories. We do provide all spare parts and consumables for AU640. Why pay more? Request a free quotation now!